Wax Investment Tooling

River City Industries has been building quality tooling for the investment cast industries since 1983. In addition, many of our skilled designers and craftsmen have worked in this industry for over 30 years.

We can provide all your tooling requirements. Quality tooling for your most challenging parts or low cost epoxy tooling for a cost effective low volume alternative.
Our experienced mold designers use the latest technology in computers and software to design quality molds, with innovative solutions, for your investment casting requirements.

River City Industries capabilities include, but are not limited to;

Wax Pattern Molds
Epoxy Molds
Part Chill Molds
Mold Design
Soluble Molds
Wax Prototypes
Soluble Chill Molds
Reverse Engineering
Ceramic Molds
Automated Tooling

We are not limited to wax investment tooling and can also provide;

Vacuum Molds
Silicone Molds
Rubber Molds
Urethane Molds
Lost foam Molds
Epoxy Molds

River City Industries can also construct fixtures of all types, including;

Inspection Gauges
Machining Fixtures