Quality Control

River City Industries takes QUALITY seriously. We have systems in place to record the receipt of materials, to identify and stock materials, as well as an inspection process for the manufacturing and shipping of our products. These procedures are designed to ensure the early detection of discrepancies and to establish a plan for corrective action.

As part of our policy in providing an effective and economical quality standard we use a 5 class inspection system. Based on our products complexity, they are assigned a class 1 (CMM inspection) through a Class 5(visual inspection) rating. Any discrepancies that are found are quickly identified, investigated, documented and resolved through a Management recommended corrective action plan. Our customer is then notified of our findings as well as our plan of action.

River City Industries has established parameters for the following procedures;

Electronic data set control
Inspection control
Record retention
Control of customer
owned tooling
Work order preparations
Corrective action/non-conforming material
Measuring equipment
Marking of tooling
Source inspection
document control
Product purchasing
Internal quality auditing
Calibration System Manual
Control Manual
Shipping/Receiving Manual
And More....

Together, these systems have proven to be effective and have helped River City Industries establish a record of dependability and QUALITY.

Quality is not a choice – It is a commitment to customer satisfaction.