About Us

River City Industries was established in 1983 and is located in Clackamas, Oregon. We are a complete machine shop that provides a wide range of services (Modeling, Programming, Wax Investment Tooling, Foundry patterns, Castings, and CNC machining). Our Machine shop can handle a diverse range of machining and is uniquely qualified to handle all your Mold making, machined parts and casting requirements. We can provide all forms of finishing and complete assembly services for projects you want handled from beginning to end.

What makes us uniquely qualified?

River City Industries has been building molds and patterns for over 20 years. We also machine all types of metal and plastic parts. Many of the castings we machine are made from the tooling we have produced. This provides our customers with many years of experience when considering the ramifications of machining a casting. This experience can be invaluable when considering expensive holding fixtures and complicated machining set-ups. Our goal is to save our customers money by resolving any problems before a mold or casting is produced.

Our experienced personnel, along with our commitment to service and quality, give us the edge on our competition and an advantage that will ensure your success!